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Welcome Swift and Sprite Kit Learners!

Writing here, is Justin Dike, lead developer at, where I spend most of my time teaching Swift, Sprite Kit, iOs and tvOS, one of my favorite new topics! Some of those tutorials end up inspiring our waxed and polished iOS and tvOS Starter Kits which are intended for people that don’t really want to learn a lot, but REALLY want to make an app. Our kits require ZERO programming.  So you’re interesting in making a Story Book app, Side Scroller, Pinball game, etc, check out our Yearly Subscription deal where you can get them all and every tutorial for just $99.  Yes, everything.

But wait, you’re here to learn right??  We cover the basics of Sprite Kit and Swift here, with an eye toward game-related topics. Everything video tutorial here is free, so get ready for a lot of learning. As of May 2016, we now have two great ways to get started.

If you’d like to begin by learning some very basic Swift code, start here…

Swift 2 Basics Video Tutorial Series

Alternatively, you can watch some of the Swift and Sprite Kit videos from our podcast. Fair warning: these are edu-tainment. Expect tangents, humor, whatever. But if you’d like to learn a little while straying at times off-topic, dive in here..

CartoonSmart’s Swift and Sprite Kit Podcasts 


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